Jul 30, 2015

Guru Poornima: Gratitudes to my guide, my strength and my inspiration.

Guru ‘गुरु’, a word that owes its origin to Sanskrit literature and literally translates to mean “dispeller of darkness”. Hence, Guru is one who dispels darkness and leads us towards enlightenment; the link between the self and the immortal.

Guru: The dispeller of darkness, one who dispels darkness and guides me to light.

Recently, I read a beautiful analogy on the ‘Guru’. Just as the moon shines by reflecting the light of the sun, and glorifies it, all disciples can dazzle like the moon by gaining from their Guru.

Dazzle like the moon by gaining from the Guru.

The Hindu philosophy believes that we are ‘poorna-ansh’ meaning whole & sole of creation and belong to one consciousness, also felt as or known as the Divine. Poorna is that from where everything is emerged and goes back to its core, the non-dual origin; the origin of no form, ‘Advait’ meaning singular. ‘Apoorna’, the feeling of incompleteness or the recognition of ‘dvait’ meaning multiple, also attributed to the limited ‘buddhi’ aka intellect of the mind that keeps us dwelling in darkness (incomplete pursuits of senseless greed) through our living days. 

‘Poorna-ansh’ meaning whole of creation belongs to one consciousness.

More than often, the feeling of incomplete leaves us with the need to chase more, a feeling of lust, confusion & indefiniteness. As we keep growing in our life this feeling takes precedence, ultimately resulting in the death of innocence! Perhaps, this is when the calling of the ‘Guru’ touches our being.
Like some wise man said; finding a guru can be like finding a boatman in rough water. The boatman doesn’t smoothen the waters but puts you on a boat that takes you across the turbulence to safer shores.

More than often, the feeling of incomplete leaves us with the need to chase more, a feeling of lust, confusion & indefiniteness. Death of innocence!

On this auspicious day of Guru Poornima, I share my humble offerings of gratitude to everyone who has touched my life as a Guru, both knowingly and unknowingly, and have guided me towards light. This is my personal ode to you on this auspicious occasion that celebrates the true being…   
Tatvamasi: Tat (that) Tvam (You) Asi (are)!
A collage of my work to every Guru, for you on this day of Guru Poornima; thank you for being there with me as my guide, strength and inspiration.