Oct 22, 2016

Diwali in Assam- the most mystic moments captured in my soul!

It is a throwback post, one which I have waited to write for a year now! Last year, we traveled to Assam for our Diwali break and fortunately experienced #Diwali exploring through rural villages of #Kaziranga.
Clay lamps adorn the outhouse of a Tea Estate in Kaziranga
Our able guides Bumani & Bablu drove us to nooks and corners of these villages where time seemed like it had stood still! Simple homes many of which were clay huts, clustered together into small hamlets, showed us how beautifully these communities celebrate the festival of lights.
Crossing lit homes that faced the tarred road highways.
As we cruised through the tarred highway in an open gypsy, we soaked in the enthralling view of the dark canopy star-filled Sky that interspersed into warm lit clusters of villages. As the drive continued we encountered numerous highway facing homes adorned with banana stalks spread across each of these home entrances with people hovering around carrying earthen lamps. Occasionally some dazzling fire crackers caught the eye making it an enjoyable drive ever. Almost felt like the magic carpet ride from the animation film Aladin!

An inviting clay lamp lit entrance of a village hamlet in the rural village of Kaziranga.
Exploring through each home when we stopped at various villages we got to know how this festival is celebrated between not just the Hindu Assamese homes but also in the Gurkha as well as the Muslim households of this region.

Here are some glimpses of these beautifully done up hamlets.

A young lady lights up lamps laid out beautifully on the makeshift banana plant entrance, unique decor of the Assamese home.
A newly married lady asses her decor after she's lit her lamps at her home.
An elderly lady refills her lamps to keep them burning through the long evening.

A curious look at the unannounced guests who are hovering around her house, this lady seems intrigued by my presence around her home!
Living in busy and commercial cities like Mumbai, participating with these welcoming people of rural India makes you stop and wonder, how quickly we are dissolving our heritage under the garb of commercial growth!

A topic that has no end and while I relive my beautiful moments of Assam, happy to share them with you through my posts on the Sensuous2Spiritual chronicles.