Aug 1, 2015

Dance to my souls content!

Dance is devotion. It helps me express my desires, allows me to emote my being and most importantly connects me to the divine.

Dance is devotion.

As a child when I danced I did it just because I loved it so much. Though I went for classical dance classes through a large part of my growing up days I was unable to connect to it spiritually. All I liked about dancing were the colorful attires and waited for a time when I could adorn those beautiful jewelry for a stage performance.

As a child, I was drawn to the 'shringaar' of a beautiful dancer. The colors she wore, the jewelry she flaunted, the expression and the grace of the art.

The quest for dancing kept evolving over years and for a very long time I yearned to get back to formal training format. I did try a few times but failed in connecting with the guides and thus got totally disheartened.

Almost as if the forces up there were watching, much later (after my Son was born) about 6 years back, I discovered my current day Guru. She is a person who has the most calming effect on me. Someone who encouraged me to dance and this time I have found a person who has answers for all my quests. I seek meaning in what I perform and that is my way of meditating, coming closer to the Divine. My Guru makes it even more desirable with her able direction.

Nataraj in my Dance studio. It is belived that the origin of Nritya dates back to his tandav.

However, the dazzle of the 'shringaar' continues to mesmerize me and true to my childhood dreams, I live it through my own wardrobe of costumes & jewelry now. Interestingly, the science around 'shringaar' is unfolding its mysteries as I am engaging deeper with this art. Here is a glimpse of some of my collection from my ever growing treasure chest of dance costumes and adornments.

My Lakshmi series: the long necklace studded with white stones to balance the purple attire.

Gaja Lakshmi Temple Jewelry: A must have in every dancers treasure chest.

The graceful spread of the costume with the essential adornments.

Jasmine flower, a culture that is so intense and fragrant!

Jari, originally used to be weaved with pure Gold thread.

Feminine romance (lysya) invoked by Jari, Gold, Diamond and Flowers

Ruby, pearl and diamonds: A girls best friend!

Jasmine buds open up to immerse us in its freshness.

Magical transformation of the mesmerizing Dancer.

Concluding shot of the attire and fragrant jasmine makes me want to hit the stage this very moment. :)

Hope you have enjoyed this visual journey, a passion and quest I want to dedicate my life to.

Until the next blog.


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