Feb 27, 2015

Weekend Family Time: A family that cooks together stays together!

More than often by the time I am into Wednesday evening I begin to plan for the impending weekend; a time I long for with my nearest ones! The mundane Monday to Thursday schedule is made easier when I start thinking of the beautiful upcoming Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

I love to cook. Something I get to do only on special occasions but lately I am making it a point to be in the kitchen throughout the weekend. With a growing up lad and a 1/2 day Saturday work Husband it makes me feel really good when I see them lap up the dishes cooked specially for them! For that matter, who doesn't!!!

So the planning begins with a good research on World Cuisines. With 1/2 the house being vegetarian it is always not that easy to zero in on the composition of the table spread! :) To me a break from Indian food is a boon and I am getting to feel that with the other 2 members of the house as well.

Salads, soups, one pot dishes and variety of breads is a good combination so far. In case you want to, do look up my Pinterest Food Segment. Once this is zeroed in comes the fun part of actually preparing the food. I love the time I spend in the kitchen cutting, chopping, mixing, tasting and dishing out the produce! Voila, in almost negligible time a sumptuous meal is all set and ready to be served. It feels effortless since I do what I like doing best and my favorite 2 (when at home while I cook) hover around crackling, chatting, fixing me a drink and DJ-ing while I make the magic happen!

PS: Last weekend the success was in my Red Rice Soup and Stir Fried Greens spread with a variety of breads along with a sizable portion of fresh cut water melon.
Click here for the recipe. I used red rice instead of wild rice and cooked it in a clay-pot. Substituted Chicken to more veggies! :)
I cooked the soup over slow flame for almost 3 hours. Used a whole lot of mushrooms, carrots, spring onions, squash and broad beans. You could choose to add veggies like asparagus, bamboo shoots, etc. incase you want a variety that is less used!

Next up comes the planning for the aesthetics around food presentation. Typically the doting Husband and Son duo set up the table for us. In-fact the better part is that since we have begun using weekend time as a "family time" many of our unused cutlery are getting their due usage. I love the way the table decor ends up so very often. My son adds a special touch to it by adding a handwritten menu card along with a table number on it! Who says your home cant feel like a specialty restaurant!!! :) lil joys of life!

Finally, with hot steaming food, an inviting table and some awesome people around we have the fun and frolic of our weekend going strong.

Life in a busy metro like mine feels 'worth it' after all!

Happy weekend folks!


Feb 26, 2015

March; a month full of colors!

March, the sound of this month floods in visions of colors; that of fresh blooms of flowers, buzzing bees, longer days and in a country like that of mine, the much awaited celebration of Holi!

As promised, here is the Sensuous2Spiritual calendar for the month of March for you.

To download your copy of the March calendar, please click here.

Wishing all you folks out there a precious and colorful month ahead!


Feb 20, 2015

The Bee's Knees: My variation this Friday evening!

Been quiet a drag of a week for me with my little one recuperating form a seriously bad tummy infection. Didn't realize the fatigue it has caused until earlier this evening. In such situations the best I like doing is to chill with a small drink and sit with the family while we cool off watching some movies.

So I walk into the kitchen with a clear mission. Whip up a drink that I haven't had ever! Armed with my iPad I look through my Pinterest Board: Poison. Next I spot 1 sole orange staring into my face. So them I walk to the Bar Unit and discover this old bottle of Bombay Sapphire, a Gin that never leaves the attic! Thanks to my experimental mood I decided to make the impossible happen. I decided to make a drink that we will remember for a while to come.

Voila, it is a zero in on 'The Bee's Knee' with a Mandarin twist!

Read the original recipe by Jennifer Rose Smith. In my case I did a slight bit of improvisation. Here's how!

2 large yellow lemons
1 ounce honey (given that we are a recuperating household!)
2 ounces Bombay Saphire Gin
1 cup ice
1/2 an orange

First, you’ll create a simple syrup with the honey. Combine equal parts honey and boiling water. Stir well. Jar and refrigerate the syrup. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine one ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice, one ounce of your honey simple syrup, and two ounces of gin, juice of the 1/2 orange squeezed into the shaker. Shake well and strain into a glass of fresh ice. Garnish with one orange wedge (optional).

Signing off the Chinese New Year celebrations with my orange laced Bombay Sapphire cocktail. :)

Happy weekend folks! 

Feb 1, 2015

February, a month that celebrates love!

After a few grilling months of cold comes a month where warmth and love fill the air. New relationships strengthen while many mature. All in all, seems like a great time in the year to make some serious merry! :)

Here is my way of spreading love with you. :) The months calendar designed specially for all you lovely S2S friends! Click here to down load!

May this month be filled with love and warmth for each of you.