Dec 31, 2014

A special New Year that marks a brand NEW beginning for Sensuous2Spiritual.

Dear S2S friends,

As this new day begins we usher in a brand new year, the year of 2015.

Click here to download the Sensuous2Spiritual 2015 Calendar designed specially for you. 

I wish that this year realizes your cherished dreams into reality and fills your life with immense pleasures. May this year lace you with unaccountable new opportunities all filled with success.

As I begin the day sharing this special wish I also want to share my enthusiasm as I launch Sensuous2Spiritual in the form of a journal, a space beyond just pictures but packed with emotions of my words. I hope to bring alive my world of images as chronicles for my readers. I hope to weave in the magic of my inspiration through words and bring alive the journey of my captures for everyone of you. I hope that I will find many more new friends here and I do look forward to hear from each one of you personally. It boosts the spirits to know that my work has touched so many souls!

For my new friends who know little about Sensuous2Spiritual, I am sharing a short synopsis about this space. Hope you find it intriguing. :)

Sensuous2Spiritual: A quick introduction
Sensuous2Spiritual is a photoblog that depicts my life inspirations captured through my lens.
Its a depiction of my life and my journey. I share all the moments which are filled with feelings of spiritualism, emotions, celebrations; all the sensations that fill me with heartfelt gratitude of living this life.
Who am I?
Cancerian by nature, apart from being an all time romantic I am known for my obsession to explore. I believe in positive energy around me and focus at reflecting this across every interaction of mine. I cherish relationships. I usually get into trouble because of my strong point of views, which does make me not wanted many a times. Who cares, I believe in the liberty of speech and choose to exercise this whenever I feel it’s appropriate. :)

What's new at Sensuous2Spiritual?
I have been documenting a lot of my images but every capture has a story that needs words.
In 2015 I hope to bring you my inspirations in the form of a story and bring alive the thought that made me capture the moods.

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I look forward to have your company in my nook and do join in with your views.

Happy New Year!


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