Feb 27, 2015

Weekend Family Time: A family that cooks together stays together!

More than often by the time I am into Wednesday evening I begin to plan for the impending weekend; a time I long for with my nearest ones! The mundane Monday to Thursday schedule is made easier when I start thinking of the beautiful upcoming Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

I love to cook. Something I get to do only on special occasions but lately I am making it a point to be in the kitchen throughout the weekend. With a growing up lad and a 1/2 day Saturday work Husband it makes me feel really good when I see them lap up the dishes cooked specially for them! For that matter, who doesn't!!!

So the planning begins with a good research on World Cuisines. With 1/2 the house being vegetarian it is always not that easy to zero in on the composition of the table spread! :) To me a break from Indian food is a boon and I am getting to feel that with the other 2 members of the house as well.

Salads, soups, one pot dishes and variety of breads is a good combination so far. In case you want to, do look up my Pinterest Food Segment. Once this is zeroed in comes the fun part of actually preparing the food. I love the time I spend in the kitchen cutting, chopping, mixing, tasting and dishing out the produce! Voila, in almost negligible time a sumptuous meal is all set and ready to be served. It feels effortless since I do what I like doing best and my favorite 2 (when at home while I cook) hover around crackling, chatting, fixing me a drink and DJ-ing while I make the magic happen!

PS: Last weekend the success was in my Red Rice Soup and Stir Fried Greens spread with a variety of breads along with a sizable portion of fresh cut water melon.
Click here for the recipe. I used red rice instead of wild rice and cooked it in a clay-pot. Substituted Chicken to more veggies! :)
I cooked the soup over slow flame for almost 3 hours. Used a whole lot of mushrooms, carrots, spring onions, squash and broad beans. You could choose to add veggies like asparagus, bamboo shoots, etc. incase you want a variety that is less used!

Next up comes the planning for the aesthetics around food presentation. Typically the doting Husband and Son duo set up the table for us. In-fact the better part is that since we have begun using weekend time as a "family time" many of our unused cutlery are getting their due usage. I love the way the table decor ends up so very often. My son adds a special touch to it by adding a handwritten menu card along with a table number on it! Who says your home cant feel like a specialty restaurant!!! :) lil joys of life!

Finally, with hot steaming food, an inviting table and some awesome people around we have the fun and frolic of our weekend going strong.

Life in a busy metro like mine feels 'worth it' after all!

Happy weekend folks!


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