Oct 7, 2015

Bourton-on-the-Water: It felt like a dream!

Little venice of UK, that's how this small village town is famously known in the Cotswold. The picturesque high street of the village is lined with stone bridges constructed over the Windrush River. Coming from the land of the Ganges one would think that this little tributary to the Thames is perhaps a cosmetic canal until you realise that the pristine clear water is actually a flowing river! A river that is full of Mandarin ducks wading through the day and then families flocking around impromptu picnics all along this beautiful water-front.

Little Venice of the Cotswold.

River Windrush and the legendary view of Bourton-on-the-Water Bridge.

Mandarin ducks spread along the water-front.

The perfect timepass and attraction for Children and adults!

Bakery on the Water

While at Bourton-on-the-Water, one can't miss 'Bakery on the Water'. Just a few strides from the bus stop, I was drawn to this family run bakery with its fresh bakery fragrance that filled the early morning air. No wonder it adds to the feeling of a magical village! I had my scrumptious share of sausage patty and a steaming hot cup of cocoa before I set out explore more.  

High street with boutique stores and irresistible restaurants

The high street is a shoppers delight. With boutique shops lined up one after the other, the lure for food and drinks is in equal demand, all this along a bee-line of speciality restaurants spread across this water front. The variety is beyond imagination. Whether it is Garden Equipments or a local perfumery or the 365 Day Santa Shop this little landscape has the works! I didn't miss a single store on that rue...

My lunch by the river side at a superb Cotswold Pub.

Truly the nook around the corner. Irresistible products on display. I would've bought the shop if were in INR currency! 

A popular Tea-house tucked away in a silent corner of the road.

The most inviting Sweet-shop I have ever encountered! The little joys of being in Cotswold.

Relics & Tourist Attractions: While at Bourton you just can't miss these...

  • The Model Village: A 1:9 replica of the village built by an artist in the 1930's. You will surely feel like 'Gulliver' on his travel in this model village.

  • Cotswold Motoring Museum: For all motoring enthusiasts, this museum displays the motoring history of the 20th century. 

  • Summer Medieval Football Tournaments: Time yourself for a wet football match right here on the Windrush. The goal posts are set-up on the river while everyone around gets wet and really wet during this event! I sure plan to have one personal trip planned during this enchanting season... 
More on the village, its historic relevance and a trek back to Stow-on-the-Wold, all coming up shortly in the next post!

Winding roads, leisure out-house decor that reflects the lifestyle of the Cotswold and historic relics...

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