Dec 22, 2015

Postcards from Kaziranga: As the mist lifts, display of the rising morning

Beginning from this series, I will share a daily postcard from Kaziranga to share nuances of our travel through this aesthetics state of India.

As the warm sun rays caress the cold flowing river we watched the mist lifting off Diphlu River.

Early mornings are a sight to behold. The fresh air loaded with the fragrance of wet mud and steaming hot cups of tea make it the perfect waking up experience. Of course, if you get to feel the mist lift off the cold water surface as the sun kisses earth, the feeling of 'PERFECT' moves to 'STUNNING & PERFECT'!

Here are pastel shades captured through my lens on the first early morning at Kaziranga.

The tranquil flow of water against a layer of escaping mist, I felt blessed to have experienced this beautiful phenomenon.

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Hope you enjoy this trail.


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