Jan 3, 2015

Invitation of the wilderness; the morning explored!

The first rays of the winter sun soaking the jungle in its warmth and lifting the cold mist. A classic winter morning in the dense jungles of Madhya Pradesh that houses the largest density of the Royal Bengal Tigers.

It's been our first trip to Bandhavgarh and the adventure of this mesmerizing land has left us hungry for more.

The cold winter morning pierced our skin as we drove into the core area of the jungle during our first early morning safari. An open air jeep whisked through winding mud roads lined with dense fauna laced with various shades of grey mist hovering over the not so noticeable green. The freshness of the clean world was evident in our breath and we were sitting spell bound (of course from the cold) looking at the beauty of the wild unfold.

Each moment showcased magic...magic of pure nature.

These are few of the first captures of the beautiful Magdhi Zone from my first safari. The zone where we were introduced to the way of the wild cat, its habitat and its kingdom. However, it was a wild goose chase before we got our first glimpse of the beast but the experience of the dense was quiet a start for the common city dweller!

Stay tuned for more in the following days...     

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