Jan 30, 2015

The Queen of Damdama: Haimi, a beautiful mum to 3 cubs at the Khitauli Zone

Haimi, young and beautiful, she has a presence that one just cant miss. Distinct features, she is fairer (literally has a white sheen on her coat) than the rest of her clan.

We spotted her on our last of the 5 safari's. Just when we had given up hope of spotting a tiger that evening we were pleasantly surprised to see her quenching her thirst at one of the watering holes at Khitauli.

The only Safari jeep in the vicinity, she gave us quiet a show that evening. 15 minutes of unadulterated entertainment where she drank water, growled, called for her cubs from the den and sprawled on the white sand while she waited for her little ones to get out of the hiding place.

Unfortunately our time at the reserve was very quickly inching to a close which therefore stopped short the show. Had we been around a few minutes more perhaps we'd have seen her cubs!

Guess some fun is only possible when you are left longing for more!!! :)

Sharing a video where Haimi quenches her thirst while some wild birds keep hooting at her from the distance. :)

Happy viewing! :)

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