May 6, 2015

Ranthambore Chronicles: Peacock blues amidst the rustic hues

Brown, beige, pastel yellows and rustic reds interspersed with the striking blues of the Peacock strutting along the forest foliage. Truly a sight to behold in the dry summer jungle of Ranthambore...

Found in plenty, the bird was a pleasure to click. With a backdrop of the Fort, the presence of this bird added to not just drama but kindled quiet a romantic mood through our drives. It was quiet an eye relief from the scorching summer heat.

The forest filled with intermediate hoots of the peacocks and sometimes with the rather heavy flutter of its flight that could make you flip a heart beat if caught unaware!

The National Bird of India, true to its expression, the Peacock embodies qualities of beauty, grace, pride and mysticism. Often found in Indian mythology with dominance in Krishna Avataar and various Royalties, the peacock continues to rule the beauty quotient among the bird families.

I cannot but agree more and this trip at Ranthambore only deepens my love for this bird multifold.

More experiences wait to be chronicled as I move on from the National Bird to more wilderness in the following few posts. 


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