May 5, 2015

Ranthambore Chronicles: The royal orange Ranthambore morning

This summer, our destination was to explore the wilderness of the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. The official game reserve of the various Royal's of Jaipur (Chauhans and the likes) until India attained its independence.

Our first few moments that introduced us to this heritage laden national park

The expedition began with most amazing warm orange sunrise that contrasted against the scanty yet dense foliage of thorny plants and huge mountain ranges at a distance. Not a single cloud in sight; just a clear orange skyscape that had only one large dominant golden globe- the hot summer sun, staring down at us and making its heat evident with every passing moment.

View of the Park from the National Highway at 5:45AM

The Main Gate which opens access to the Park for zones 1 to 5.

Cool forests and winding roads interspersed by stone gates indicates the presence of Royal Heritage that engulfs this park:

Beautiful winding tar roads nestled by reddish brown loose soil invited us to the forest terrains of the Jungle Zone. Clearly cooler than the otherwise barren drive up to the main gate of the Park, the heat continued to overwhelm us with its harsh dry warm whiff  that touched our skin and left us quiet uncomfortable for a while.

Cooler roads invite us deeper into the jungle.

Obvious historic relics keep us busy while we just can't seem to stop admiring the blend of man and wild.

With this panorama unfolding before our eyes we continue our journey into the next 3 days filled with excitement, awe and bewilderment of the beauty of this Royal UNESCO Heritage Site called Ranthambore National Reserve lined along the picturesque Ranthambore Fort in a small town called Sawai Madhopur.

More on #Ranthambore in the following few blog posts.

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