Feb 15, 2016

Coastal India- A postcard series that brings alive the Indian Shoreline

With mid February rapidly passing by, I am sure we can feel winter give way to the beautiful blooms of spring. A time when we move away from the extreme colds to colorful long days as March and April begin to approach.

Well as for me, it is a that time in the year when my family plans on a lot of holidays especially since the next some months bring along a few long weekends and who can dismiss the need to plan for the impending vacations (spring & summer breaks)! As a family who loves water, for us, the beach is always our first port of call.

Summer Vacation Bucket List, Beaches of India, Travel by air & rail, Holiday Destinations

Destination planning for the Spring-Summer underway!

Lazy mornings that drift into long afternoons that merge into golden yellow sunsets- all this along the shoreline! Yes, this sounds like that PERFECT holiday...!!!

sunset, beach, hammock, coastal India

Feeling the sensuous sea breeze and watching the sun set at a distance, perfect make of a holiday!

So as I delve into my treasure trove of escapades that will help me plan our next destination I intend to share some of my memories & journeys as a series of postcards coupled with a few recommendations for all you lovely people. Some of the destinations I will cover through this series will be:

  • Maharashtra- Tarkarli & Homestays of Sawantwadi, Murud
  • Goa
  • Karnataka- Kaup 
  • Tamil Nadu- Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry
  • Kerala- Kovalam, Poovar

Hope you feel the Sensuous2Spiritual enthusiasm through these posts!


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