Feb 7, 2016

Weekend postcards: Harmonious flight of the free willed avian (Greater Sand Plovers)!

Mumbai becomes home to many migratory bird species during the months of October through March. The moderate climate of the city brings these graceful species to make this otherwise concrete city their home. It is a great opportunity for the Mumbaikar to experience few harmonious nature moments (if we choose to do so)!

Greater Sand Plovers are a rare vagrant from Western Europe that have been found in lands as far as North America. They are known to migrate to warmer land during winters to breed.

Migratory birds from lands as far as Iceland flock the South Asian land in the winters. Seen at the Vashi Salt Pans in the month of February 2016. Wilderness, Migratory birds, Plovers, Birding Grounds
A flock of Greater & Lesser Sand plovers rhythmically burst into a flight while many others continue to stay on course their food hunt at the sand flats of Navi Mumbai. 

The Plovers breed in the semi-deserts of Turkey and eastwards through Central Asia. They nest in a bare ground scrape. This species is strongly migratory, wintering on sandy beaches in east Africa, south Asia and Australasia.

Family Outing Tip:
Watching these beauties busy and in flight is truly a sight to behold. S2S suggests you pack a flask of steaming hot coffee, some sandwiches and a good set of binoculars for an impromptu picnic by the creeks of Mumbai. Lay out a picnic mat, put on that sun hat and enjoy the beauty around this natural habitat.

We spent the most amazing February morning with my son and my school friends who were visiting us from other parts of the world. 
More on the avian kinds at S2S Chronicles:

I will share more weekend postcards of this trail over the next few weeks along with destinations where you can venture for these exciting brakes in the otherwise mundane Financial Capital of India.


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