Aug 22, 2015

Dhakai Shari- some more colors, some more hues...

Last week I shared a collection of 3 my favorite Dhakai's (that's how one refers to these beauties in Bengal) from my wardrobe. Today I am showcasing my Yellow-gold and Oriental Lilly Pink, both bought in the year 2008.

Gifts of labour! :) Literally...!!!

Poila Boishak (Bengali New Year) indulgences: All full of sentimental values!

Most of my shari's have a huge sentimental value woven into them. The 2 I share with you today were gifts from my Husband when I was carrying our son. Still recall the warm summer breeze setting in, the Shari-wala (Bengali's have designated Shari Vendors from Calcutta who come home to sell special wears every year) displaying his collection while a I choose my best pick. The occasion was Poila Boishak (Bengali New Year) and I was sure of buying 1 but who wouldn't give into the lure of the 2 I eventually picked up. The colors were just so perfect given the weather outside.

Yellow-gold Dhakai Jamdani    

This Jamdani is my constant companion for many occasions. I have worn it for a friends Mehendi, wore it for Pushpanjali mornings during durga Pujo, sported it on a summer evening get together and even worn it for official meets. An universal base color that can be contrasted with moods. Many many moods... :)

Multi-purpose wear.

Contrast, works best with this color.

:) One of the looks with the contrast at play. 

Oriental Lilly Pink, the perfect choice for the pregnancy glow!

Well that's how my husband referred to this shari but even today it adds to the glow. The color is just so pretty evenly contrasting with the mango yellow work, again one weave that ends up being an universal wear. I have carried this one with me on several travels especially knowing that I may end up going for a formal evening or even visiting extended family which usually ends up being unplanned! The universal best choice for that day when I need to look coy yet me!

Tropical Lilly Pink

Spread out 'lota' (leaves) design adds to the grace of this shari.

Same 'shari' but numerous hues.

Shidoor Laal, the show stopper.

"Dhakai Shari- The most excuisite muslin!" and this post bring out the best of my Dhakai collections (I have many more but will bring them back to you on another day). However, the stunning 'shiddor' red (vermillion red) is an exquisite post in the making. That one will follow as an exclusive post following this read.

Stay tuned for the Vermilion Red!

Also, if you have liked my shaari series don't miss my post "Dance to my souls content" where I have given a sneak peak into my dance costume and a small collection of temple jewelry.

While you read some more about me do stay tuned for the 'RED' that is yet to surface. :)

Until then...


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