Aug 22, 2015

Shidoor Laal Dhakai, perhaps a choice of the new bride or maybe not!

Just the sound 'shidoor laal' (vermillion red) brings alive the imagery of a stunning Indian bride.In Bengal, it is the quintessential color of choice for the young bride and as custom has it, every traditional wedding concludes with the smearing of shidoor in the middle parting of the hair, customary to the Hindu brides. Kalighat, is one such place where you will find various shades of this color strewn across its aisles.

Glimpses of Kalighat: A newly married couple seek blessings of the Goddess& shidoor vendor with her wares.

Shidoor Laal Dhakai:

Coming back to my Dhakai, this shari was a Durga Pujo gift from my Mother to us, me & my sister (we are 3 sister, 2 of us married) in 2011. Red is the color of Shakti, a spiritual lineage followed by many Matriarchal communities in India and considered auspicious for the married women. This is one of my lightest and most glamorous Dhakai's and adds to the mood of 'RED' when desired.

Gold adornments that completes the glamour quotient of this shari.

Fish is very integral to Bengali culture. A Bengali Wedding is incomplete without fish!

Closer look at the mantasha design. Compliements the lota (leaf creeper) of the body.

The 'kamar patta' that jingles every time one walks. All sounds of joyous celebration & festivities.

Summing up the look for my RED Dhakai.

Well, not so much the bride, yet sporting the look. :)

A shari of this type fits in perfectly for all those traditional moments of life including ones like weddings. I am a big fan of contrasts and combinations of brokades, tissues or even bandhni would make this quiet a dramatic wear. Sharing some glimpses of this weave.

Resting a while post the Shondhi Pujo, the occasion for which Ma had gifted us the shari & a closer look at the weave.

This concludes my Dhakai Shari series. Now that you have read through my RED best, do flip over and look through some more in my collection:

Next up will be some silks that I just cant live without. Some looks that compliment these weaves and also 'Shari acquisition tales' that I keep pouring into you!

Until the next one, stay tuned and 'shari-lucious'!



  1. lovely colours has a few of these . love the Shidoor (sindoor) vendor's container how everything is so elaborate and grand in the Bengali culture

    1. That's true! Being Bengali is all about culture and heritage. Grandeur and aesthetics are integral part of it. :) Thank you for stopping by and leaving behind your precious words.