Aug 16, 2015

Dhakai Shari- The most exquisite muslin!

Dhakai Muslin, considered as one of the most aristocratic fabric of choice, a symbol of luxury. Originating in ancient Bengal, muslins became famous during the Mughal rule when they were exported from Dhaka to the Middle East and much of Europe.

The choice of fabric of the Royals & Aristocrats:

Having grown up in a Bengali household which boasts of Shantiniketan lineage- Mother and Masi (influence of elite students from Dhaka with royal lineage studied in this institute), it was impossible to miss the exotic variety of Dhakai Jamdani at home. While superficially it looked like coarse sheets of fine paper but when laid out open, it would leave one in absolute admiration of the intricacy of art that each of these 6 yards unfold.

Muslin is fine quality of cotton originally found to have deep historic relevance to India.

Buying a Sari of this nature is nothing less than a ritual. The color, design lineage, weave count, the fineness of muslin and most important of all, the jewelry that will eventually be adorned with this weave are the most important decision that tips over the eventual buy. This is one exciting purchase and the feeling comes closest to the sentiments one has while buying the bridal trousseau!

Buying muslin is incomplete if the final look is not planned.

Here is a collection I have managed to preserve and maintain over the years. It is after all my indulgence of choice. :)

Pista green body with pastel pink and purple jamdani work:

One of my oldest muslins that dates back to 1998. Nearly 2 decades old and has been my companion during many beautiful wears. Over the years, this beauty is yielding to softness, which during the initial days used to be the perfect 'taut and stiff'. Recently noticed that some parts of the saree is beginning to give way to tear. Still trying to save this beauty in my collection and though she is fading I wish to give you a closer peek at this weave.

Traditional jewelry for my pista green dhakai.

'Doodhe-alta' Red Dhakai with gold tinged jamdani:

This was a gift from my Husband after my Son was born. A product of 2008, this is one wear that is perfect at every possible occasion. It looks elegant when draped for festivals, perfect for an evening party and fits in just as well in a sophisticated art show. The unique differentiating factor for this weave is the variety of jewelry and accessories that compliments this wear for various occasions. One of my favorite in my 6 yards collection.

With Hyderabadi Pearls to bring out the elegance of this weave.

Accentuate the drama with larger beads.

Keep the traditional look with Gold and minakari.

Saffron body with green and gold jamdani:

A birthday gift from my sweetheart mother, this sari is a product of 2012. Very unique combination sets this one apart. It is a classic day wear sari and when accessorized can be worn for various occasions. A heavy Gold set makes it perfect for a day wedding, a dark pearl lets me wear it for a tea party and the Gujrati -Kutch bead work makes it perfect for a theater break.

Keep it plain, drop a gem or simply pair a dramatic dangler. This one stands out just as it is!

Apart from these 3 in my Dhakai shari collection I have a few more in vivid colors and designs, which I shall share with you as another post on another day.

Meanwhile, do drop in your thoughts on this read.

For more read on Dhakai Muslin, you can click here. To feast on more designs and styles you can find some in my Pinterest Posts else just google 'Dhakai Jamdani' in Goggle Images and enjoy the feed.

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  1. Such beautiful saris Amrita. My mom has a huge collection of these in her extensive sari cupboard. most of them selected and bought by my dad on his many trips to Kolkata. i have often borrowed from her wardrobe though i must admit i still struggle to drape it as flawlessly as she does.

    1. Thank you Chetna. :) I wish I could rummage through your Mom's collection some day. Will share some draping tips with you soon. Love the fact that you like these weaves. Would love to see you in one soon.

  2. What an exquisite article. Loved the depth and range of information shared and the visuals are mind blowing as always.
    Keep it up Amrita, this series is rocking.

    1. Thanks Nivedita!

      :) Excited to chronicle this weave some more. Really appreciate your encouragement and genuinely glad that you liked this read.

  3. Lovely post ! Loved each one. They are priceless :)

    1. Thank you for your precious comment Reshma. :)
      Truly appreciated and very happy to know that you liked going through this post. More coming along over the next few weeks. Will keep you posted.