Jan 21, 2016

Postcards from Kaziranga: Mother rhino & her calf

Baby rhino's are slightly more adventurous compared to the adult. Though equally laid back, the playfulness in the little calves make it a sight to behold.

Kaziranga Rhinoceros Wildlife Wilderness Sanctuary Joldapara

The pregnancy of a Rhino lasts for 18 months post which the calf stays with the mother for about another 3 years. Male calf tend to go solitary earlier than the female. Each pregnancy yeilds one baby, hence the precious baby demands nurturing that is naturally 'solitary'. The Rhino Mum is known to care for her baby until they move onto finding their own territory in the jungle. It is a known fact the mother mates only after her calf moves on before which she only cares for the baby.

Kaziranga Rhinoceros Wildlife Sanctuary Wilderness

It is believed that more and more rhinos need to reproduce and allow for the calves to mature into healthy adults in order to save this species from extinction. The long pregnancy cycle followed by even longer caring cycles suggests a slow reproduction cycle but it is evident that this species help in maintain the flaura-fauna and balance of its habitat in a big way.

Poaching of this animal for its horn is the most common reason for driving them to extinction.

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Hope you enjoy this trail.


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