Jan 19, 2016

Postcards from Kaziranga: Bar-headed goose

A flock of bar headed goose make a fashionable landing at one of the stunning water ramps of Kaziranga National Park.

Did you know: 

Flight of the Bar-headed Goose is known to have recorded flight heights of more than 7,000m (23,000ft). This is the only species of birds that have been seen flying over Mount Everest quiet effortlessly. Bar-headed goose have fascinated biologists for decades. They achieve physiological feats that seem impossible - flying at extreme altitude, where there is less than 10% the oxygen found at sea level.

Kaziranga National Park is recognised as one of the premium birding zones in Asia. It is believed that nearly 478 species of birds flock this land which includes 40+ endangered bird families.

November through March are the peak migratory seasons and likelihood of spotting some rare birds is highly likely. If you happen to be a Bird enthusiast do make sure to have a good naturalist accompany you for your safari, ask for the East Zone safari and do check on the Bird Trail with breakfast, a must do while at Kaziranga.

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Hope you enjoy this trail.


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