Jan 20, 2016

Postcards from Kaziranga: One horn rhino in its water-full, rich-green habitat

#Kaziranga National Park is green, after-all the land is soaked in water and has rich soil. It is the perfect habitat for the wild and that's something thriving in plenty in this topography.

This park is popularly known for its dense habitat of the #Rhino family. While you may find them spread out throughout the landscape and at a distance, getting up close and studying them in their being is quiet a captivating experience.

Kaziranga Assam rhinoceros Wildlife Photography

#Rhinoceros are bulky, big and quiet possessive of their own- whether its their calf or their mud puddles or simply their patch of green grass...they strike hard! Apart from the avian kinds (the ones that hover around them all the while pecking on food from their skin) they do attack anyone who stalls their peaceful space.

They can eat for hours together and then soak in water for even longer... These guys represent the word 'laid-back' with full authority!

More on the Rhino's in some more postcards. Meanwhile don't miss the earlier ones!
Hope you enjoy this trail.


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